Veronica Mars – The Bitch Is Back

 Damn…this is why I hate pictures that don’t take up the whole width of the page…now I have to come up some form of an intro before I start the spoiler-heavy actual review. Very annoying. So, uh…interesting how this blog started out as a place for me to vent on, evolved into a comic blog, became a music/personal angst thing, then back to comics, and now apparently we’re going through a TV phase. I don’t expect to completely leave comics behind (as is obvious from yesterday’s Cassie Sandsmark post) but I think this is more in keeping with my current free-time. I am probably going to start more books soon though (the best thing about summer? Very little TV to watch) and then I wouldn’t be surprised if this blog starts to evolve into a book review place…not to mention I’m reading Chariot of the Gods? right now and it has really made me renew my deeply buried belief in aliens manipulating humanity during its infancy. So…maybe something on that soon? Anyway, yay…on to the review…

Frak, Frak, FRAK!!! I HATE how this show ended. That was not a series finale…it was a season finale and it stinks that we’ll probably never get to see a resolution of all the plots introduced in this episode. Sure there are rumours of a movie, but meh…they said that about both Buffy and Angel but we all know where that went. And I don’t see VMars ever working as a comic…the show is all Kristen Bell, and without her it cannot work.

Anyway, moving on to the actual episode. If the show weren’t ending I would probably have loved this. It had all the classic trademarks of past finales while sticking with the self-contained mysteries format. It was nice and I adored seeing Nish, Chip, Jake Kane and (after a pretty long time) Wallace again. It was a fitting end…to a season…but a crappy end for a show.

Let’s start with the good stuff: Excellent mystery that not only restored Veronica to her season 1 toughness (she had become somewhat soft this season, what with no real involvement in the mysteries-du-jour) but also managed to be really fun for once. The episode also managed to show us exactly why Veronica will always return to Logan regardless of how happy she might be in another boy’s arms (I loved that Piz just walked away when a guy teased Veronica, while Logan punched the crap out of a guy for doing much less) Also nicely handled: Logan and Parker’s breakup, Dick’s questioning of why his brother killed himself (although, seriously…this storyline just started and now we’ll never get to see how it could have changed Dick…maybe for the better), the whole secret society thing and the horrendous bastard Jake Kane really is (although…seriously…how many pies does the guy have his fingers in anyway? He was in the Tridents and he’s in the Castle…how many other secret societies does he have frittered away?)

Now let’s get to the bad: as far as the individual episode goes, there was nothing bad about this episode. It affectively and nicely gave Veronica a mystery to solve and managed to pull together many of the disparate threads from the entire season. However, and this is the real problem here, since the show is ending (and even if it was being retooled into the 4-years later FBI show) the many, many subplots left over will never have a resolution. I’m just going to count off the ones I can remember: Logan facing possible death at the hands of the son of a mass murderer (hitman…assassin?), Dick and his path to redemption following his brother’s suicide, Keith and his betrayal of his office, Keith and the sheriff election, Mac and her slacker boyfriend, Logan’s unrequited love for Veronica, Veronica and her knowledge of the Castle’s members, Veronica being ridiculed by the entire Hearst college, and I’m sure there were one or two others that I may be missing. So, Thomas jus decided to leave us hanging.

I know that they had barely any time to wrap up the storylines with only 20 episodes, but c’mon!! He could at least have had the decency to try to write for a conclusion (Veronica always teeters on cancellation…you’d think he’d give the cliffhangers a rest) Instead, he just wrote what he wanted…fans be damned. Very bad ending for a very good show. I will miss it even more now knowing the potential of what could have been.

Hopefully I shall return to more comic-related posts starting tomorrow, but no guarantess since my comic reading has really dropped. I do have a lot to say about tv shows I am catching up on in DVDs/torrents (yes…I am evil!!!) Joan of Arcadia, The Office, and Bones.


2 responses to “Veronica Mars – The Bitch Is Back

  1. Randomly found your blog through twitter. Felt the same about Veronica Mars. Worst cliffhanger ever. It was such a great show and it really sucks how it was canceled due to lack of viewership while Jersey Shore will probably go into it’s 10th season.

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