A Post of Things To Come…

I was supposed to have a post done today but sleep got in the way (damn you sleep!!) and instead I shall just present a rough outline of what you can expect from this blog over the next couple of days.

First off, a lot less TV! I will probably have posts on seasons 1-3 of The Office (US edition!) and I do plan on doing a regular ’round-up’ for The 4400, and season 4 of Entourage (probably a moratorium for Studio 60 too once it finishes in 4 weeks) but apart from that there will be no more talk of TV. Instead, I shall be doing a bit more cat-blogging (you have been warned!!) and I shall most likely do something I’ve wanted to do since I started this blog: A Legion of Super-Heroes Week!! Basically that entire week will focus on my favourite LSH storylines, what I think about the current books, my favourite characters and probably a review of the new animated series and various other Legion junk I find around the web. This will probably be starting soon…and who knows…based on how much I have to say it could exceed a week.

I also plan on doing some more posts on Death (there’s a finally being made…squee!!) and various books I am currently in the process of reading. Now the bad news, unfortunately I just don’t have the time to regularly blog anymore. I have started studying again and the job and the broken pieces of my social life all need some time and blogging must take a back seat to all of them. I will probably continue in a semi-daily capacity (I’m thinking a post every 2-3 days would work) but I don’t see myself maintaining the daily grind for that much longer (despite how much fun it has been).

I think that’s it for now. Hopefully the new fall pilots will get leaked soon and I can finally decide what I will be definitely watching…but otherwise, meh.

Anyway…hopefully tomorrow I’ll return with something more substantial.


One response to “A Post of Things To Come…

  1. I am wondering if you are ever coming back!!! You have disappeared and I was wondering where you went? I was hoping that in the future we will have some fair warning before you drop off of the face of the earth.

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