DC Comics Reviews!

Another text-only post I’m afraid. Don’t worry, the Legion posts will be image-intensive enough to make all these rambles worthwhile.

Green Lantern #20 – I loved the last panel. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to have a character’s status quo be returned to ‘normal’ as I was when I read the word “divorce”. I thought it was a huge mistake when Johns decided to have Carol be married when Hal returned to life, but I accepted it because it seemed to make sense that Johns wanted to leave his own mark on the character. Of course, this was pre-OYL, since post-OYL has been nothing but a major reboot session brining Hal to almost exactly the same point he was at when Emerald Twilight hit. Of course, Carol’s freedom also adds a much-needed triangle element to the Cowgirl-Hal relationship and I can appreciate the soap-opera elements inherent in that. Btw, I commented on this here, but seriously…what’s with the “We must collect them all” schtick by the Zamarons? Are emotions truly the Pokemon of the DCU? And what emotion does the “green” represent anyway? I’m guessing courage and fearlessness…but I’m very rarely right on these things.

Countdown #51-48

So I read the Countdown. What did I discover? Quite simply…it sucks. I don’t really have a problem with the art (it isn’t exactly special, but its perfectly servicable) but everything else? Oy! Where to begin…First off…how the hell does the entire world not know that Batman is Bruce Wayne? I mean if Jimmy knows Jason is the Red Hood (and so does..Perry?!?!) and he knows that Dick is Nightwing…anyone with half a brain could figure out the next logical step. I’m sure this will be explained, but therein lies the major problem of this book: the pacing. 52 managed to side-step this issue by using “real-time” instead of sticking with DC-continuity time. Countdown works more like Action Comics Weekly, in that it showcases some stories of some characters which seems to have no resolution or any sort of direction and it all magically comes together in the end (I’m guessing with the last bit). Either way, bah…I’ll probably continue reading this for a couple more issues, but I don’t expect to get through the whole series.

Justice Society of America #6

Damn my inner-Legion fanboy! While it was fun for a while being ahead of the actual storyline (I swear…I knew Triplicate Girl was going to become Duo Damsel at the hands of Computo two pages before it actually happened…and no I did not flip through it) and then I knew it was Princess Projectra (yeah, I failed to take into account that this was the Legion of the baxter-era series where she was Sensor Girl.) and don’t even get me started on my theories for the Legion of Three Worlds (the way to reconcile the various legions, natch – Pre-ZH Legion, Post-ZH Legion and of course the current Legion) Of course it was nice of them to acknowledge that Thom went to Earth-22 before coming here. Although…and I’m not 100% on this…since when has Thom been schizo? I remember something about hospitals in his origin story, but IIRC, that was because the doctors were trying to figure out what gave him his powers, not cure him of being crazy. It just strikes me as a horrendously stupid retcon because Johns wants a crazy Legionnaire around. Also, I’ll probably make a whole post about this, but what the hell was up with Liberty Belle playing matchmaker? I know marriage makes you go nuts, but c’mon! This is Jesse Quick! She would never be trying to set Wonder Woman (WONDER WOMAN!!) up with guys on blind dates. I was seriously disturbed by those two pages. Overall though…interesting storyline, but the ending is where everything will be decided for good or ill.

Action Comics #850

I liked this. It was nice, sweet without being sappy, and I like the Legion Supergirl a lot more than the whiny little biatch everywhere else (although this issue is the first time I’ve felt sorry for the bad side of her) Nice issue and definitely makes me think Busiek should be writing both books.


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