Diary of a procrastinator

Ok…it’s been what…over a year now since I last updated this blog? My how time flies…

Yeah…not gonna cut it, is it? Ok, you want an explanation? How’s this:

I HAVE A LIFE!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen…as hard as it may be to believe, I do still possess a modicum of a social existence and that coupled with my job and my numerous extraneous interests (Let’s see…at last count I was into collecting and reading comics and books, watching as many tv shows and movies as I possibly can, trying to figure out how I can fit watching Arsenal matches into my schedule now that I’m interested in the team again, and trying to stuff my ipod with as much stuff as my little heart desires – 160 GB is just as much a blessing as a curse.)

So anyway, the first thing to go was the blog…obviously. As much as I love writing, I just didn’t have any more time for it. I mean to correct that over the next couple of weeks and months and hopefully set up an all-purpose blog. Which of course means that you should expect less topic-based posts like the previous Cassie or Flash ones and more all-encompassing posts like those currently filed under ramblings. I will try to limit myself to one topic each post from now on. But sometimes you just gotta ramble, y’know?

So, to pique your interest…here’s what I’m doing/reading/watching/listening to right now and will most likely be commenting on in the days to come: Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch, Mohammed Hanif’s Case of Exploding Mangoes, The Wire, 30 Days, The Onion Movie,  Persepolis, the new R.E.M. and Reading Lolita in Tehran. So…lot’s to come in the pipeline.

Now…who wants to take bets on when the next update will be? 😉


One response to “Diary of a procrastinator

  1. I’ll take bets on the first of December, that is when most of the shows will all be over and time will slow down. By the way I love the wire.

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